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Sheriff's C.A.T. Unit Pack

Sheriff's C.A.T. Unit Pack

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Release date: 08/09/2022


•Non-ELS •FiveM Ready •Fully unmarked
•DiamondChase system installed •Accurate environmental lighting
•Detailed exterior and interior equipment •Accurate scale
•Reflective textures

Pack Includes:

•2018 Sedan •2017 Pickup 1500 •2019 SUV


•Extra 1: Seat organizer •Extra 2: M4/Shotgun •Extra 12: Full advisor light takedowns


*C.A.T. stands for Car-jacking and Auto Theft. The unit specifically drives around in fully unmarked (almost civilian like cars) searching for reported stolens either occupied or unoccupied. The unit is equipped with gear necessary to assist apprehension of suspects i.e. StarChase and ALPRs. All which are hidden in the vehicle. C.A.T. units are usually in areas where pursuits are likely to be called off therefore the C.A.T. team can sneak up on suspects when they lease expect it. They also utilize multiple radio channels to coordinate setting up perimeters.
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