Terms of Service

Thank you for supporting me! By purchasing any of my products, you agree to my Terms of Service:

•You WILL NOT reupload my products anywhere (Legal actions WILL be pursued)

•You WILL NOT rip or unlock any of my products at any given moment

•You WILL give credit where it’s due

•You WILL NOT share any of these files with friends or family (If caught, you WILL be banned from purchasing in the future and legal actions WILL be pursued)

•Products have been tested heavily before release. We're not liable for any issues that may occur after downloading

Refund Policy

Refunds WILL NOT be accepted due to products being digital. When purchasing an item, you are expected to know how to use/install said item. If there's technical issues regarding the product, we will trouble shoot to reach a solution. Remember all products are heavily tested before released. If it's available to purchase, there's no issues with the product itself.​

Last updated: 05/05/2024

Delivery Policy

After purchasing a product, a download button should appear. Go ahead and click that button to start your download. You can also go to Downloads to locate your purchased items to download them including their future updates.

Last updated: 05/05/2024

Service Offered

What I'm selling is the work I've done in transforming the products into working game models for GTA V. I'm not selling a specific model based on it's branding, creation, or affiliations. I'm simply selling the hours worked on the products which is how I keep my prices low. That's just because I enjoy the work I do. If you have any questions regarding this said statement, contact me through iamsirvilmos@gmail.com

Last updated: 05/05/2024

Legal Disclaimer

All products available on this website (Sirvilmos Designs) are made by one person or in collaboration with peers. Everyone who has worked on these products have no affiliations with any real life law enforcement agencies, manufacturers, businesses, or online services. All products are custom fan made artistic representations of the real thing. Nothing will be 100% accurate to represent the above mentioned organizations. If you have any questions regarding this said statement, contact me through iamsirvilmos@gmail.com

Last updated: 05/05/2024