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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Very easy and simple process. Create an account and search for the product you want to purchase. Add it to your cart. Once finished with shopping, click your cart and checkout. Fill out the necessary information. Your information is secure through Shopify and won't be accessible by anyone ever. Decide on payment option and click continue. A download button will pop up once complete.

How do I know if the model is ELS or Non-ELS?

There will be a section that shows what type of vehicle it is on the product page

How does sales work?

I may place an item on sale at any given time so definitely keep your eyes open for random sales going on. I will also announce sales through my discord community so it's good to join that as well. Do 100% expect sales during the holiday season.


Sorry, at this time I do not do commissions. Reason for this; I enjoy modeling as a hobby. I've learnt in life to not turn hobbies into careers because you'll end up hating it. I can get on whenever I want, make whatever I want, and take how long I want. Once I start making commissions, I no longer can control my freedom in my projects. I upload my work only so others can enjoy it as much as I do.

Are your models FiveM Ready?

Yes, all my models available are FiveM ready. They'll either come with the files needed and you'll create the resource folder or they'll come in a folder already and all you need to do is drag and drop into your server's resource folder. Make sure you 'ensure' the resource folder in your server's .cfg file. All products should come with instructions.

Can I use these models on Single Player?

Yes, all my models come with the respected .meta files needed. All you need to do is create an 'addon' folder for the model in your mods folder. There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to create addon folders.

How can I get a collaboration with you?

Currently, I only collab with close friends. Not to say I won't open collabs in the future but I want to stay in my circle for now. Join my discord for future updates regarding collaborations.

Can I use your products in my community?

Yes, all my products are open for use. All I ask is to share the website with others that may be interested in purchasing products.

Can I convert your dev models to another game?

Yes, my dev models are available to do whatever you'd like. Just make sure to add my credits above yours in your credit section.

Can I purchase just one vehicle in a pack?

No, the products posted are sold as is. If it's uploaded as a pack, it's because the vehicles are considered a 'fleet'.

Do I have to join the Discord?

No, you do not but I require you to add your Discord username when purchasing so I can keep track of customers in my Discord. I suggest you join the Discord so you don't miss key updates. Also you'll have the ability to ask support questions when running into issues regarding my products. Failure to join the Discord would result in you being out of the loop. Plus you have other cool incentives like checking out my WIPs and having Discord only discounts.

How do I connect multiple trailers together?

Watch this quick and easy YouTube tutorial video I made by clicking this link: